Can You Solve These Clever Crosswords?

Crossword with pencil and eraser

 If you enjoy crosswords, you just might know a single word that fits all of these clues:

  • apt
  • able, cute, deft
  • handy, slick, smart, witty
  • adroit, astute, brainy, bright
  • cunning, parlous
  • pleasing, skillful, talented
  • brilliant, dexterous, ingenious

The answer is....CLEVER!

My goal as the owner/writer of is to create unique puzzles that are - indeed -  deft, witty, brainy, brilliant and sometimes cute.

Quick Links to Featured Puzzles

pig peeking out of its pen

Pig Jig - If you know that "a dance for hog" is a Pig Jig, then you'll have no problem with this online puzzle. Solve over 40 more fun rhyming word pairs!

movie clapper

Anagram Celebrity Crossword - Super-fun puzzler! Do you know whose name can be anagrammed into "I RENT BELLS?"  Solve this and 21 more.

Nursery Rhymes Crossword  Everywhere that Mary went, this animal was sure to go! Help your favorite child complete this fun puzzle that features well-known nursery rhymes. Simply supply part of the next line.

patriotic question marks

State of Confusion - A one-of-a-kind puzzler using state names and abbreviations. Multiple answers may be hidden in a single clue. How will your state of mind be when you finish this one?

I invite you to...

  • solve my new puzzles
  • share them with your friends
  • suggest new topics and twists by contacting me

You will be challenged and entertained as you solve all-new puzzles with surprising twists and turns. There will sometimes be puzzles within puzzles. You’ll encounter anagrams, cryptic puzzles, synonyms, antonyms and some outright goofy word games!

Launched in June of 2016, is the new place where wit and fun intersect!

About Me

Author Ann Richmond Fisher

I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, and word play has been a part of my world for as long as I can remember! As I child I loved to create tricky word finds for family members.

 As a classroom teacher, I regularly used word play activities to strengthen spelling and vocabulary skills. For over 25 years I have been a published author of word puzzles for educational publications, websites and weekly newspapers.

Words are my forte, and I collect a lot of them! I look forward to sharing lots of fun new word challenges right here.

This journey is just beginning, and I invite to check back often for new puzzles.

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